Board of Directors

PCFA is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors:

Thomas R. Blair, MD MS
Elizabeth Casalegno, MD,* Awards Coordinator
Ashley Covington, MD
Sheldon Kardener, MD
Matthew N. Koury, MD, MPH
Alex Lin, MD,* Co-Webmaster/Secretary
Harrison Lyu, MD
J. Zeb Little, MD, PhD,* DPSS Chair
Richard J. Metzner, MD,* Co-Webmaster
Sarah N. Mourra, MD
Francisco Navarro, MD*
Ralph M. Obler, MD*
Allen T. Pack, MD*
Joshua E. Pretsky, MD,*
Paul Puri, MD,* President-Elect
Caroly Pataki, MD,* Faculty Liaison
Wayne C. Sandler, MD,* Ph.D., TreasurerVCFAAAC Representative
David E. Sones, MD,* President
Shirah Vollmer, MD*
Lela DeGolia,* Executive Director

Juliet Edgcomb, MD,* Co-Chief Resident in Psychiatry
Dax Volle, MD,* Co-Chief Resident in Psychiatry
Elizabeth Dohrmann, MD,* Co-Chief Child Fellow
Sabrina Reed, MD,* Co-Chief Child Fellow

*Denotes members serving on the Board's Executive Committee

The Board of Directors meets at 7:30 PM on the first Wednesday in March, June, September and December. The Executive Committee meets at 7:30 PM on the first Wednesday of the intervening months, except for certain holidays and the month of PCFA's annual meeting.