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Thanks to the Board of Directors of the Shirley and Stefan Hatos Center for Neuropharmacology, PCFA is able to award two $2,500 prizes every year for winning papers submitted by psychiatric residents or fellows at the Semel Institute.  

The 21st Century Psychiatry Prize is awarded to the applicant who writes the best original paper on psychiatry’s role in the new millennium.

The Alex Rogawski Memorial Prize is awarded to the UCLA resident or fellow who writes the best original paper relating to any of the many areas of interest pursued by the late Alex Rogawski. Dr. Rogawski was an influential psychoananalyst, teacher, researcher, and community psychiatrist, whose interests were wide and varied. The intent of the award is not only to honor the memory of Dr. Rogawski, but also to continue his efforts to inspire young psychiatrists to broaden their thinking and their application of psychiatric and psychosocial theory.

Papers should be written in a scholarly manner, appropriate for submission to a professional journal, and limited to no more than 16 double-spaced pages for text. References are separate. Some trainees have requested that the possible subjects of the paper be made more specific. We encourage those who “think outside the box” to do so. If the writer has a passion for some area of treatment or research, he/she should feel free to articulate it.

The prize-winning papers are below, and copyrights below to their respective authors.  If you are interested in submitting a paper, please click here to find more information about the selection criteria.

The 21st century Psychiatry prize


Alex Rogawski memorial prize